Sydney The Sloth

Sydney the Sloth is a bright, fun, beautifully illustrated book about a sloth called Sydney who dreams of being a salsa dancer. Sydney tries to salsa but finds he is too slow and all that dancing makes him sleepy.

Sydney The Sloth encourages children to follow their dreams (even when others think they’re silly), to never give up, and to try regardless of the risk of failure all whilst working on their ‘S’ sound. 
Dannielle Pickford's

The Speech Sound Series

Do sloths belong on the stage? This sloth thinks so. Sydney The Sloth loves to salsa but it doesn’t come easy for a Sloth. Can Sydney find a way to make his passion work?

Sydney doesn’t give up and looks for ways his salsa can be speedy and sassy just like it is in his dreams. You can join Sydney in his journey and practice your ‘S’ sounds along the way.

Sydney The Sloth is a heartwarming children’s tale, inspired by Dannielle’s son’s speech journey. This captivating book delves into the struggles and triumphs of mastering speech sounds, offering affordable, high-quality resources to families. The “Speech Sounds Series” presents tailored books focused on specific sounds, blending entertainment and education.

Follow the spirited sloth’s journey to learn the ‘S’ sound, aiding young readers’ speech development.

Authored by Dannielle Pickford, who draws from her experience, the book introduces vital concepts for ages 2 to 5. Through alliteration, repetition, and enchanting illustrations, it hones speech, reading, and writing skills. Sydney The Sloth ignites confident communication, making speech development engaging and accessible.

In Sydney The Sloth, young readers will:

  • Recognise the letter S in various contexts
  • Learn to use the letter S in speech and writing
  • Practise important speaking and reading skills

Ready to embark on a journey to nurture your child’s speech development? Dive into Sydney The Sloth and check out our other sound-focused books by Dannielle Pickford.

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Paperback with UV Spot gloss cover exclusively available through One Goat Publishing.
Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inch


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Dannielle Pickford
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Sydney The Sloth
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