Dannielle Pickford

Dannielle Pickford is a Children’s Author and Doctor of Physiotherapy. Dannielle loves to combine these two areas by helping inspire children to be their very best self and try regardless of the possibility of failure.

"I help children reach their developmental milestones. I love the ocean, being outdoors, animals and adventures with my family."

- Dannielle Pickford
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Dannielle Pickford

I have been interested in writing books since the fourth grade however it was not until I became a mum that I decided to take the leap.

I was inspired to start writing books to help my sons. My little boy has a developmental speech delay. After 3 years of speech therapy, repeating sounds and words, struggling with my little boy to pay attention even when he feels like he is failing, I felt there must be another way to help him.

Then, Gary was born.

Speech sound journey

Gary The Goat

Introducing ‘G’ through this story in an informal way using our favourite and most special ‘story time’ together removed the pressure and helped us love words again.

My son was excited to nail the ‘G’ sound and find out who the next character would be. After showing the book to our speech therapist and speaking with my own patients and their parents, I decided it was time to share Gary with the world to help other kids overcome obstacles too. 

Speech sound journey

Sydney The Sloth

Sydney the Sloth is a bright, fun, beautifully illustrated book about a sloth called Sydney who dreams of being a salsa dancer. Sydney tries to salsa but finds he is too slow and all that dancing makes him sleepy.

The book encourages children to follow their dreams (even when others think they’re silly), to never give up, and to try regardless of the risk of failure all whilst working on their ‘S’ sound.  

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