Gary the Goat

An adorable animal book to help 2-5 year olds with developing speech. Gary the Goat encourages children to follow their dreams (even when others think they’re silly), to never give up and to try regardless of the risk of failure.

Dannielle Pickford's

Gary the Goat

Do goats belong in gardens? Gary thinks so! Gary the Goat loves to garden and pushes through stereotypes to follow his passion. Gary the Goat is a fun story beautifully illustrated to take 2-5 year old’s on a speech sound journey.

The development of speech sounds is an important part of learning the ‘form’ of oral language. As children gain speaking skills, they use speech sounds and words more intently to express their needs. Children start to produce speech sounds at different ages, however typically developing children follow a similar sequence when developing consonant sounds (Shriberg, 1993, Berk 2013).

Nurturing and responsive learning environments are important for the development of strong speech and language skills (Harrison& McCloud, 2010). This includes frequent opportunities for children to share attention with adults, interact and hear language for a variety of different purposes. Reading with your child is the perfect learning environment.

The Speech Sounds Series books each have a specific sound focus, the alliteration and repetition make them a fun yet educational read for you and your little one. Your child will enjoy this story of a determined sloth following his dream. A fun story beautifully illustrated to take 2-5 year olds on a ‘S’ sound journey.

We are proud supporters of Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation's Share-A-Book (SAB) project. Your donations provide books to Indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities in need of resources in targeted regions across Australia.

Dannielle Pickford

What do parents say?

Hear what parents have to say about how our books are helping children learn, grow, and thrive.

“My daughter has an intellectual disability and level 2 ASD. Her speech therapist recently moved away and we haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement for her yet. This book has been a godsend for us to help with her speech and she is also obsessed with all animals so this book has been perfect for her.”

Jon Donovan

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“I loved the illustrations of the little goat and his garden. I liked the fact that the story reinforces the /g/ sounds from page to page to help the phonological processing of that sound.

I gave a high rating because I would use this book in my speech therapy sessions to interact with my younger students.”


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