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Reading to children has many benefits. It helps develop their listening skills, and cognitive and language development expands their vocabulary and improves their attention span, creativity, and social and emotional development.

As our kid’s screen time continues to increase, reading rates are decreasing. We need to make a change and get kids engaged with books again. So how do we do it?

There are many ways to make books more engaging for children. One way is to let them choose the book they want to read. This will make them more likely to be interested in the story. Another way is to read with them. This can help create a bond between the child and the book.

One way to make books even more fun for children is to involve them in book-related crafts. This can be a great way to get children interested in reading and also help them develop their creative side.

There are many different book-related crafts that children can enjoy. For example, they can make their own books, decorate existing books, or create bookmarks and other accessories. Whatever craft they choose, it’s sure to be a fun and engaging way for them to interact with books!

Let’s face it we don’t all have the time to research great books, delve into its meaning and explore the ways to engage our kids in it so we want to make it easy for you. So we are doing the research for you and who better to ask about books than those who write them? 

I’d like to introduce you to Let’s make.. books!

Let’s make books will chat with independent authors to introduce you to awesome books, help you with ways to engage your child in reading them and the BEST part give you free crafts to match. I’ve done all the hard work for you all you need to do is get making and have some fun.


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